Hope Couples

September 3, 2017

Hope Couples of this year, with the theme “I SEE Your Love”, finished with laughter and self-reflection at the Terrace of Panda Hotel.
25 pairs of lovely couples joined our event which started with a simple but delicious lunch buffet, followed by some fun games being intended to show and boost up the cooperation and intimacy between the couples.

A lot of funny, intimate and romantic moments and gestures were captured everywhere among all the couples. Thanks to the Project Team for the photo taking session, a greenery arch entwined with beautiful flowers as a photo backdrop was set up on the terrace.And thank God also for the wonderful weather. All couples enjoyed posing themselves in their own ways and style. Some were being funny or romantic, cool or sweet and intimate. It’s a lovely scene to watch……

Then the couples moved indoors. In groups, they shared the precious and unforgettable moments that each treasured over the last 3 weeks or even throughout their marriage lives. This sharing stirred up a lot of thanksgiving and atmosphere of romance among the couples.

Hall being dimmed down with music flowing along, each couple hugged closely and danced along the music. All the wives tiptoed on the feet of their husbands who led the dance along. Everyone could tell something sweet was going on in the air…..

There is a Chinese saying about the blessing of a marriage, “Holding hand in hand and growing old together”. The event committee twisted it around with a Bible message, “Washing the feet of each other and growing old together”. All couples knelt down with a pail of water and towel, washing the feet of their spouses, indicating that throughout the marriage lives, the couple should humbly serve, respect, forgive and love each other till the end of the days.

Ps. Gavin wrapped up the event with an open online survey as an indication of how much the couples knew each other and their expectation of the partner. Inconclusive though, the simple survey aroused all to reflect & search deeper in their couple relationship to make it carry through till the end of the days with the glory unto our Lord Jesus Christ !

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