Lunar New Year Celebration

Jan 29, 2017

Lunar New Year is an important time where family members get together to celebrate the auspicious occasion. As a family, we too gathered to celebrate God’s abundant grace upon us.

All of us walked in with joy and blessings upon each other. The environment was well decorated with participants’ “對聯” as the backdrop together with Chinese decoration competition exhibits. We started with prayers and wished each other, followed by praises to the Lord.

Sister Wai Yin of G5 testified how God led her through her switch of job and blessed her although her probation was extended to five months. She concluded that it is her desire to go for full Medical Relief.

Then came the excitement of prize presentation for “對聯” and decoration competition. G2, G3 and G8 came in first, second and runner up for “對聯” while G2, G10 and G3 for decoration. It was joyful to see all the wonderful exhibits.

Pastor preached on ‘Celebrating His grace’ from Luke 14:16-17, coming from a parable of a man holding a great supper. He shared two points 1. He gave us a great supper to celebrate His grace and 2. Come by faith to celebrate His grace. It is all about how God has prepared His son, all we need to do is to believe and receive then enjoy the feast at the King’s table. Pastor invited for all who wished to open our hearts to receive every of His grace and the congregation responded in faith.

LNY songs of blessings filled the air to close the service. May the year of the Rooster be filled with love, peace and joy and the supernatural power of blessings upon all of us.

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