Worship Revival

October 1, 2017

I See Love !
I See Peace !
I See Grace !
I See ……People worshipping our Lord with all their heart, souls and mind ! It was the time of the year for our annual Worship Revival!

Our anointed Praise and Worship team led us into worshipping and seeing who God is and what he had done for us. It was an afternoon of intimate time with our Heavenly Father, the hall was filled with joyful brothers and sisters. Everyone was drawn into His presence when the event started. This year we were treated with surprises, we were worshipping with new instruments the saxophone and violin, enhancing the music that we wanted to bring to God.

Pastor Gavin led the congregation into a deeper worship by encouraging all to sing from our hearts to Jesus. Calling out to Him and believing that He is here and He is willing to serve and to heal us. Many responded to his leading and stepped out with faith. With hands raised, tears of joy rolling down on some of their cheeks and smiles across their faces. We know for sure that God is here and restoring each and everyone of them. The worshipping continued ……

Then we moved to the back of the hall, for part 2 of the Worship Revival, we were welcomed with beautiful pictures of God’s creations and Word of God. All of us were reminded again of His promises for us and it is Done ! Our presenters sat among the crowd using different languages: Cantonese, English and Tagalog to speak of His grace, righteousness and faith. Bringing us closer to each other as a family and closer to God as His beloved children. Pastor Gavin again encouraged us to keep the words of love resounding in our mind every moment of our life. Though the Worship revival came to an end, we knew that a beginning had sprouted within us. When we left we were all strengthened in our belief and had open our heart to receive Him each and everyday !

We see !
Yes ! We see Jesus !
Be revived everyday in His Spirit , Truth and Love !

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