Year end Prayer Meeting 2018
on 31st December 2018

31 December, the last day of 2018, the family of God came together with a thanksgiving heart for all that God had led us thru through the year.

Brothers and sisters came in before 9pm and were joyfully sharing their testimonies and extended good wishes to each other. With a prayer, the yearend prayer meeting started. The praise and worship atmosphere brought us deeper into worship and dwelling in God.

Pastor Gavin led a prayer then encouraged us to look back at how God led us mightily through in our mission and in every aspect. He encouraged us to express our appreciation for each other’s changes during the year. Pastor opened the time to the floor to give testimonies. Brothers and sisters from different groups gave their encouraging testimonies, glorifying God. We then took our communion and gave our thanksgiving offering.

Pastor recapped the themes and the main focuses of the events of 2018 i.e. ‘Life Put on Love’ camp focusing on Colossian 3:12-14, ‘He Heals’ Easter service focusing Isaiah 53:5, ‘I Follow’ Bible Conference focusing John 8:12, and ‘I Follow’ 26th Anniversary focusing Matt 4:19. Praise God for the souls saved in HK, mainland, Thailand and Philippines in 2018 with 19,000 new believers, 29 new members and 30 were baptized.

Ten minutes to 2019, we danced and praise God till time to countdown and all excitedly counted down together and welcomed 2019 with hugs and blessings to each other. Pastor said a prayer of blessings for abundance and breakthrough upon each and everyone.

Thank God for the abundance for the upcoming 2019!

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