27th Anniversary Banquet 2019

August 18, 2019

This year, brothers and sisters gathered at Club One in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan for our 27th Anniversary Banquet.

The dress code for the banquet was “Family” and the colour code was “Red”. The colour red symbolises the blood of Christ which cleansed us from our sins.  By His blood, Jesus formed a new covenant with us.  As believers, we are all His beloved children who are bound together as one family under this precious covenant.  Praise Him for building and leading our family over the past 27 years !

Brothers and sisters dressed up in the most creative ways.  Some groups made themselves truly at home by wearing matching pyjamas and dressing gowns.  We also had many “Super Family” members dressed in red capes.  A group even tailor made “Hope Kitchen” aprons !

As Hong Kong was going through a difficult time, we made use of this special occasion to pray for our city at the start of the banquet.  After praising and worshipping the Lord, Pastor Gavin and the Pastoral Lead Team led us all to hold hands as one family and pray to God in one heart.  We believe that God’s love never fails and His grace and mercy will rain upon every soul in Hong Kong.  He sits enthroned over the flood – Amen !

Then it was time for the special presentations.  Each group prepared a one-minute video/on-stage presentation on the theme “I Trust” and they all had wonderful and creative ideas.  Praise God that we can all put our trust in each other and in Him !

After toasting and cake cutting, Pastor Gavin led us all to say grace for dinner.  While we were enjoying the meal and having fellowship with one another, each group took turns to take group photos.  Brothers and sisters also had a lot of fun at the special photo corner, posing with the creative props prepared by our decoration and design team.

When our bellies were filled up, it was time to sit back and enjoy the annual video recap of the events that took place in the past year.  Praise God for all the memorable moments, laughter and tears we shared together as a family.  It was wonderful to count blessings together and recall how God led us through each season.  Glory be to Him for each soul brought into His Kingdom through our church last year.

Praise the Lord for the blessed night.  We trust that He will continue to bless and lead our church as we move into our 28th year !

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