Ring the Bell Pray For HK

September 1,2019

To care for our city and our church, we took the action of “Ring the Bell Pray for HK”.

After Sunday Service,  sister Ivy led the whole congregation, at 1pm, held hands and prayed for Hong Kong. We mainly prayed over four main points – the different concerned parties, our community and ourselves, the public’s emotion, and sharing gospel and salvation.

We began to prayed for the different parties that God’s leading upon the authorities, prayed for the government, the police, the press, the protestors, the judicial community and the churches of HK.

Then we prayed for the public’s emotions, for all those who were hurt, in fear, in rage and hopeless. We also prayed for our community and ourselves that there would be unity and harmony in the family and community.Pray that we guard our hearts and to forgive each other, that there will be peace, that we will quiet down and seek God. Finally, we prayed for all of us to keep sharing gospel,and the salvation of the people.

Hand in hand we prayed together in unity.

After praying together, quite a number of brothers and sisters were touched by His love and care.

We all trusted God that by relying and keep focusing on Jesus, HK will go through the valley of darkness and start a new page.

Let’s keep trusting Jesus, keep praying, and have all the victory, in Him.

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