Mother’s Day 2019

May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day !

On this special day, many mothers were invited and the church was full of joyful greetings. Before the Sunday Service began, many happy families took pictures at the beautiful flowery backdrop.

Sister Rosa and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation to dwell in a very powerful and touching worship where brothers and sisters experienced the love of our Lord Jesus.

Then sister Shan shared about how God miraculously saved her father in an accident. It was God’s grace and protection that sister Shan was at her father’s home when he suddenly fainted in the kitchen. At that time, she was following her father into the kitchen, so when he fainted, she could immediately get hold of him and then sent him to hospital. Thank God that her father could be discharged from hospital after three days and he also promised to control his habit of drinking after this incident. Thank God for his protection upon us and our family.

After the testimony, sister Krista and brother Jacky performed a very funny show “Taste Better, Taste the Truth” to demonstrate the love of God and our family. Then all mothers were invited to go on the stage, Pastor Gavin led all brothers and sisters to pray that God’s grace, wisdom and good health be upon them.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scriptures Psalms 128:5-6. The title of the sermon is “The Lord blessed the family out of Zion”. God’s will is that everyone can enjoy what we have laboured. God wants us to see the good things He has prepared for us. Zion represents God’s love and grace for His people. He blesses us not out of our work, but our of His work at Mount Zion. If we believe in the work of Jesus at Mount Zion, we will have a blessed new life.

Praise God that a mother accepted Christ as her savior on this special day. After the service, brothers, sisters and their families enjoyed homemade desserts and more photo-taking.

Thank God for the wonderful day !

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