Father’s Day 2019

June 16, 2019

Praise the Lord !

How great is the day God has made!

It is a day God blessed our earthly father and his children.

Pastor preached Proverbs 17:6 titled “The Crown for the Glorious Father”. Pastor shared with us that children are the crown of fathers and are honourable gifts from the Heavenly Father. It is God’s plan to have all the fathers to receive joy and hope through their children and bring their family growing up in the Lord !

In the early morning of this day, Hope Kidz were excited to have their performance rehearsal on stage before the Service. Meanwhile, our bro/ sis were ready at the photo corner to capture the happiness moments of fathers and their families.  All fathers’ hearts were melted when they saw Hope Kidz sang on the stage expressing love and appreciation to all fathers.  After that, all fathers were invited to the stage and accepted Pastor’s blessing prayers and lovely presents.

After the Service, fathers with their families continued to take photos with lovely smiles and joy and enjoy the wonderful refreshment provided. It is a wonderful picture – full of joy and love!  Let’s put on the mind of Christ and that we are His beloved children and He is our Abba Father!

The identity never changes ! Amen !

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