Water Baptism II

October 13, 2019

Glory be to God !
Thank God for the 14 brothers and sisters who had chosen to be baptised.

Today, our baptism took place in Lido beach in Tsuen Wan. Over 80 brothers and sisters came together to show support.

Thank God for the good weather.
Our Filipino sisters led the Praise & Worship. Pastor Gavin addressed God’s blessing upon the event then invited those being Baptised to proclaim their faith to follow Jesus.

God saved us from bondage and sins of the world just as He saved Israelites from Egypt. Israelites faced the Red Sea and God brought them through.And it is a symbol of water baptism. When we go into the water, it is like cleansing our sins by going into the Red Sea.The Red Sea closed when the Israelites came out, meaning no turning back so when we come out of the water.It means no turning back, we will walk forward to experience more of God’s grace.

Pastor Gavin said he would asked them two questions in the water :
1. Have you received Jesus Christ as your saviour?  and
2. Whatever happens in life, will you choose to follow Christ?

After he had explained the process, he prayed over them and presented them the certificates.
Then all proceeded on to the water baptism.

Thank God for such a joyful and memorable day !

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