Bible Conference 2021

September 11-12, 2021

This is a very exciting year for us as we can all receive the Word of God in the church. It is just like the picture of God’s sheep listening, following and coming together. Our theme reminds us of the importance of listening to the voice of God.

Pastor Gavin started the conference with a demonstration of the balloons moving in the same direction when guided by a string instead of being all over the place. A life without a Shepherd is one without direction and focus. God’s desire is for His people to listen and follow. As written in John 10:27 NLT My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

The Bible conference teaching is divided to four major parts with a total of 10 speakers.

1. The shepherd and the sheep
A sheep always listens to the leading of the Shepherd. Listening is different from hearing. We need to think about what we hear? What is the person trying to say? God wants us to know Him personally. He wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He wants to know us. He has given us a clear conscious so we can follow His guidance, we have to be aware that we are not to follow the conscious of the world as man’s standard changes all the time. Submit and be humble in following our Great Shepherd.

2. Listen to the Shepherd’s voice
As we surrender ourselves to God, we will start to experience Him and trust Him more. God speaks to us in a still small voice, when we listen with a humility and surrendering heart, we will hear Him. Continue to grow in our walk in a growth mindset towards God. Focus on His words and be build up.

3. Know the Shepherd ( Know Him)
The more we listen the more we know the heart of our Shepherd and understand His will in our lives. Apart from listening we need to apply what we had heard. Take action and that will have an impact in our life. God has given us Faith the sixth sense that we never knew before until we know Him. Let the Holy Spirit guide us in building up our sixth sense instead of just depending on our five senses. Start to see with the Spirit instead of the flesh only.

4 . Follow  the Shepherd
Spend time communicating with God, follow Him and experience His wonderful leading. God has initiated the relationship, be still to learn to spend time with God. Pray in tongues and dwell in the presence of the Lord. When we hear and take action by Faith, we can feel the power of God in our lives. The life of God centeredness will set us free from all fear. However, if we let fear (flesh) take control of our lives our faith will shrink. Live a life of daily victory, start to build up the partnership with God, see that being a sheep of God as an honour.

Pastor Gavin encouraged us to live a life of humility, enjoying the peace and presence of God, surrendering our lives to Him, serve one another in the family of God, the outcome of what we do is not important, enjoy the partnership with our Great Shepherd. I Listen!

The whole bible conference was full of blessings! Praise God! We have bros and sis from Philippines joining us online in Hong Kong. Apart from the Word of God, we all had a go at the Kahoot game that test us on how well we know our church and what we had just learned. Everyone participated with so much excitement and joy! We also had the opportunity to join in an interactive drama. Through the drama of Elijah and the widow, we knew that no matter what happens, God’s blessing will prevail when we continue to walk with Him. We also had a go at dancing with the Philippines sisters leading us! Thanks again to the One team family who had made this conference an impactful one! Praise God!


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