Caring the Community, sharing God’s Love

August 28, 2021

Everyone arrived at the church all excited and ready to go out to bring blessings to the elderly. This is the third time that this event is held and we will be going into Kwai Hing estate. With prayers and worship, we go with faith that God will bless us all.

Preparation for this event had been made two months ago, raising funds, purchasing, packing the materials needed and briefing for new participants. Praise God for the willing hearts and hands of our bros and sisters who had made all this possible.

We sent out a total of 300 bags of blessings with 50 people involved in the distribution. We had witness God’s hands blessing us, even though with the weather forecast of a stormy day. We experienced beautiful weather throughout the process and the downpour came when we are all done!

We witnessed a total of 8 salvations and many many prayers and sharing with the people we met. They responded kindly to our gestures and many of us had a wonderful talk with them. They shared their joy, worry and thanksgiving, and we listened intently. Some of them were willing to be prayed for and to take photos together.

Many youths were excited and asked for the next date to go out and share our care to the community again. Praise God for this amazing opportunity to share His love and experience His providence.

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