Blood Donation 2023        

Oct 22, 2023

Praise the Lord ! This year, we carried on our collaboration with Red Cross to organize our annual blood donation at Hope Oasis.

Throughout the month, brothers and sisters conscientiously geared up for this event, and those registered blood donors kept taking care of their diet and ensuring they had sufficient rest to maintain optimal physical health for the blood donation.

Following the Sunday Service, we immediately began setting up the reception at Social Hub, and converting Hall 2 and the adjacent rooms into a designated blood donation center in co-operation with Red Cross. From 2:00pm onwards, brothers and sisters, some of them, along with their family members and friends arrived steadily. Later, brothers and sisters of Love Group also joined in after their afternoon service, filling the house of God with a joyful atmosphere as each participant radiated a heartfelt smile.

Despite being our inaugural blood donation event at Hope Oasis, the setup and workflow proceeded seamlessly. Those who completed their blood donation remained present, proactively offering encouragement and support to one another. As light-bearers, brothers and sisters participated in this event with willing hearts, spreading love throughout the community and demonstrating the teachings of Matthew 5:16, which remind us to let our light shine before others and bring glory to our Father in heaven. In the end, our collective endeavour resulted in 58 registrations and 42 successful donors, manifesting our unity as devoted followers of Jesus Christ in one spirit, and experiencing the truth stated in Acts 20:35, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Glory be to God ! Let us persevere in following Jesus Christ, and may we be vessels of His abundant love, and keep bringing blessings to the community !

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