Caring the Community, Sharing God’s Love II

Mar 20, 2024

We praise the Lord for guiding us on a heartwarming visit to the local elderly care center, bringing joy and love to the community. This time, we organized a birthday party and Easter celebration for the elders.

At 9:30 am, a team of 7 dedicated brothers and sisters gathered at the Y Care center of the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association in Yau Yat Chuen to prepare for the party. We invited a total of 12 elders to join us, with 2 of them celebrating their birthdays.

The event started with a prayer led by brother Sam, followed by warm greetings and self-introductions to connect with all the participating elders.

We then celebrated the birthdays of those born between January and March, enjoying cake and taking group photos.

Sister Ivy and brother Sam played a video depicting Jesus’ crucifixion, His sacrifice, and His resurrection after three days, saving us. We also played a mini-game in which the elders enthusiastically answered questions related to the video. And gifts were also presented in a joyful atmosphere.

Later, we entered a joyful time of singing praise song. Sisters Penny and Success led us in actions while singing. We were filled with joy, and smiles, and the elders appeared energetic. Praise the Lord!

Afterward, we had individual conversations and prayers with the elders to express our sincere care for their needs. Praise God ! One of the caregivers accepted Jesus Christ. The event concluded at 11:10 am.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your grace shining upon the community !

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