Caring the Community, Sharing God’s Love III

Mar 30, 2024

Praise the Lord for opening the doors and guiding us to share His love with a group of elders by visiting an elderly home during the Easter !

19 dedicated brothers and sisters, with hearts filled with anticipation, enthusiastically joined the event to care the elders and share God’s love.

At 1:30pm, brothers and sisters gathered at Social Hub in Hope Oasis. We started the preparations with a spirit-filled prayer, packed 80 blessing bags together, and conducted a final rehearsal for the sing-and-dance.

Then we set off for Pak Ho Gerocomy Centre in one spirit and arrived at 3:00pm. We divided into 3 teams and began visiting the individual rooms of the 80 elders residing in the 3-story elderly home. We shared our love and care by presenting the bless bags, engaging in warm conversations to understand their physical and spiritual needs, explaining the meaning of Easter, and praying together to draw near to God. Additionally, we distributed tailored-made cards to each of them, featuring the Bible verse Isaiah 53:5, proclaiming the peace and healing of Jesus Christ upon them.

Following the individual room visits, we invited the elders to join us for a sing-and-dance session in the hall on each floor. The lyrics of the songs conveyed God’s love and the salvation offered through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection. Our dances provided the elders with gentle exercises for their physical well-being and they all enjoyed it. We ended the event by taking group photos, and thank God that 15 of the elders accepted Christ. All glory be to God !

Thank you Jesus for Your everlasting grace ! Let us continue to be vessels for spreading Your love throughout the community !

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