Group 6 Summer Camp 2015

感謝神,我們Group 6 青少年組在暑假中,又可以一齊入營了

Medical Relief I

Hallelujah! It was Hope of God Church Hong Kong 10th Medical Relief in Philippines.

SD2 Christmas Party

On this auspicious day, more than 90 of us, children and adults, joined and celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ.

Medical Relief II

Our church had witness another miraculous harvesting time over 6200 souls saved.

SD5 High Tea Care Group


SD3 Unit 6 Summer Camp

感謝主! 暑假是年青人的放鬆時間,讓我們一起投入玩樂一下吧!

Medical Relief I

Praise the Lord that this was the 8th time

FGM Retreat