12th Church Anniversary Celebration

August 15, 2004

The Hope of God Movement began in 1981 in Thailand, and the first Hope of God Church Hong Kong Sunday Service was held in August 1992 in a small room in YMCA with three attendants. Today we celebrate our 12th Anniversary at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with more than 340 guests and members.

The Chairman welcomed the congregation and the Sunday Service commenced with video clips greetings from our overseas Hope Church leaders. Previous anniversary themes were listed and shared, paving way into this year’s theme – The Root.

After the dance and the powerful Praise & Worship and Communion partaking, a special “Mini-Hope Concert” presentation by Senior Pastor and his family overwhelmed the congregation; with Brother Daniel (age 6) on the drums, Sister Phoebe (age 8) on the keyboard, Sister Arlene as the vocalist and Pastor Gavin on the base guitar.


Sister Cindy, Sawhy, Norvie, Jody, Brother Jack, and Brother Tony’s family testified that the Lord is faithful. Although they came from different backgrounds and had been through different challenges, they had something in common – God’s love they received from Hope of God Church. Through the teachings, love and care and testimonies of our leaders, brothers and sisters, their lives had been transformed and many relationships amended. They are joyful to have priviledge to be chosen to fulfil the Hope Vision. From their sharing we learned that they are experiencing tremendous blessings from the Lord..


From the scripture Jeremiah 17: 7-8, Pastor Gavin encouraged us not to resort to one’s own ability, talents and wealth but to depend on God and grow in His strong and sacrificial love. As a Christian, we should constantly and consistently absorb nutrients from the Word of God (the Word of God is our sword and the Word of God carries power, truth and promises), which will enable a healthy mindset and we shall not be blinded by Satan’s negative attitudes such as fear and worries. We shall have the peace of mind from the power of the Word to overcome every situation, and as God’s children, we will stand firm on our foundation, the rock of salvation.

When we are willing to take root in the stream of life, the Lord will bless us, empower us and give us freshness to remain green and lustrous. We should apply God’s principles in our daily lives, and we will be prosperous and be a powerful living testimony shining-forth God’s glory and bearing fruits for God’s Kingdom. Our life character will reveal the manifestation of God’s presence and love in us beyond our ministry.

New Believers

Praise God that 17 friends accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Let us welcome them to the family of Hope of God Church Hong Kong and we look forward to serving God with them.

Root your life in Christ!

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