2004 Bible Conference

June 30, 2004

The first Hope of God Hong Kong Bible Conference was held between 30 June and 4 July 2004. During the 5-day conference, invited guest speaker, Dr. Rungson Sugunta, Head of the Hope of Bangkok Bible Study Program, explained in detail the different aspects on the topic of Eschatology. Apparently a difficult but interesting topic, the conference tapped on seven areas including:

·       The concept of life and death

·       The second coming of Christ

·       Different schools of thoughts regarding the Millennium

·       Different schools of thoughts regarding the Great Tribulation

·       The Great Judgment

·       New Heavens and New Earth in the eternal state

·       Understanding the end times from Daniel’s vision of the 70 Weeks. 

Whereas each of these aspects presented in-depth knowledge to the end times theology, and how people had interpreted them throughout history, Dr. Rungson made a conclusion on the last day of the conference, which completed the picture of events that are going to occur at the end of time. 

As the prophecies are to be fulfilled, the Great Tribulation will first take place in the end times. Believers who follow God faithfully will be protected from the great sufferings, and Satan will be bounded in chains. After the Great Tribulation, comes a period of great peace known as the Millennium. Jesus Christ will return gloriously to reign the earth together with the saints of all eras. The Great Judgment will follow the Millennium, when believers will be rewarded with crowns of life, while Satan and his followers will be thrown into the Lake of Fire eternally. Thereafter, we will enter the state of the New Heavens and New Earth, when the righteous ones will remain with the Lord forever.

In the final analysis, perhaps the question is not only about when the end of time will arrive, or what sequence of events will happen then.””I do not always think about Eschatology, because we do not know when Jesus will return, just as we do not know when we will die.” said Dr. Rungson at the end of the conference after the Q&A session.“But knowing that Jesus may return any time, and the righteous ones will be rewarded with the everlasting presence with our Lord, the question is how Christians should live watchfully and expectantly today, following God everyday and serving Him whole-heartedly.” 

We thank God for such a wonderful teaching and sharing from Dr. Rungson.

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