Worship Revival

October 1, 2012

As the screen brightens up showing the opening, the clips of the creation: the light, the water, the land the congregation got themselves ready in front of the stage

Cheers, screams filled the church as the worship team started the music. The “First Love” Worship Revival began with brother Allen leading the congregation in worshipping God  “Such love, Such Love…” Everyone was singing their hearts out, raising their hands and shaking the ribbon sticks totally immersed into focusing on God, the joyful spirit filled the hall.

Regardless of the language and the culture of each individual, everyone was here because of a common language- “God”. The crowd just went deeper and deeper into worshipping Him. Song after songs that reminded us of His love for us was sung and the congregation danced with a thankful heart.

A musical was then performed. The story is about a girl who is disabled, she was unable to praise and worship like others. It was so frustrating for her until she met Jesus. The truth of Worship was from the heart and not the things that we do. Praise the Lord that songs used in the musical were from our very first Hope CD. Sis Loraine and Stephanie then shared the songs “First Love” where bros and sisters joined in one heart to worship the Lord together. It is God’s blessing that we have different talents and it is amazing that God love has drawn us together.

The highlight was when the whole church joined in hand in hand as they were singing “Lift Him Up”. As the words in the song expressed, it was no longer the individuals but it was as a family of God. Pastor Gavin was moved by the Lord and encouraged all to thank, to express our gratitude for one another. It was wonderful to see the congregation move to tears of joy as they move around, giving the pat on the shoulder and giving this warmest hug. No one could have brought us together except the Love of God. In this night, all of us revived the First Love of Christ as the Pastor prayed and anointed each and every one of us, and it kept this First Love burning in us.

The night was still young as the youth took the stage to praise and worship the Lord with energy, joy and strength from our Lord almighty! Let’s have the praise and worship keep going on and on, till we have the Worship Revival again next year!

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