Father’s Day

June 17, 2018

Thanks God for the Father’s Day !

A day to give thanks to the fathers, with a present, with a meal or any other kind of form for

Praise God that we not only can do all the above but also can choose to have a wonderful
celebration with him in God’s family.

Before starting the Sunday Service, fathers started to take photos with their beloved children and families in the photo corner, they were all joyful and having smiles on their faces.

A band named “Armour of Father’s Day” presented a cheery performance with two Chinese songs to appreciate our beloved fathers and showed them with God’s love and care.

After that, all fathers were invited to the stage and accepted Pastor’s blessing prayers.

In addition to a wonderful time with our earthly fathers, we definitely were enjoying the presence of our Heavenly Father through listening the Word of God, praising and worshipping.

Pastor preached 1 Thessalonians 2:10-12, titled “The Testimony and Instructions of a Godly
Father”. Pastor shared with us how to be a Godly Father: we first have to listen more of the Word of God and believe more of Jesus Christ persistently. Secondly, we need to be conscious of who we are and our position in the Lord – Holy and His beloved child, and that we need to keep
building up a closer relationship with Him and others.

We are thankful to those sisters who made the delicious and beautiful deserts with God’s love for this wonderful day.

Thanks God for the family of God !
How great is our Heavenly Father !
Let’s keep following Him !

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