Hope Elite

May 6, 2018

Praise God for this year Hope Elite – Life Put on Fun.

Under the clear blue skies, over 30 Elites gathered in the country park ready for orienteering. Sis Janice and Charles welcome everyone and prayed for all to enjoy this time together.

There was in total 6 groups. After explaining of rules by instructors,one after another each group started the orienteering. There were checkpoints to reach and games to complete within the stipulated time. The games required teamwork and good communication.There are the blind passing balloons, kangaroo hop, forming square, 4 people 3 legged race and passing the balloon back to back. Each group worked together and many of them completed earlier then expected. They also take the time to share food, take photo and share their experinces.

Back in church where debriefing was done, group leaders shared about their group with great joy. Knowing that thought they might be lack of some skills, the rest werealways there to back them up.
Many who joined for the first time had a wonderful afternoon. A survey was made with the participants to gather new ideas and feedback.

Pastor Gavin shared that he was very happy to see everyone having fun and being united in the process of the event. He wished that everyone can build up this unity no matter in their care group or in the church. Apart from God, everyone is important. He saidwhen his group was so calm even when they had problem completing the task. He was inspired by the calmness from the young ones.

The event ended with dinner and more fellowship time.

Praise God! Hope Elite! Till we meet again next year!

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