Young Hope Couples Gathering

May 1, 2018

Praise the Lord for the Young Hope Couples Gathering !

A total of 9 pairs joined and the gathering was kicked off by introducing oneself and telling how long their marriage had been.

Then it was the joyful Praise and Worship.

Following was the introduction and instruction by Pastor Gavin.

Then two groups,one formed by all husbands and the other by wives.

And discussion started in the two groups.

Quaestions such as ”What is the ideal other half before you get married?”,

“What are the challenges after the marriage and how to keep the sweet relationship ?”, “Any problems in the relationship with the family of the other half ?” and “Any difficulties faced in finance area with your sweet heart ?” were shared.

The outcomes got andlistede by both sides were amazingly interesting and inspiring.

At the end,Pastor Gavin concluded that all points were important and above all,we needed to “Put on Love” always.And as we were all elected,Holy and be loved sons and daughters of our Lord,we had to have God be in the relation in our marriage.

The gathering ended with a simple lunch and all couples were blessed with a closer relationship with each other and our lovely God.

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