Testimonies of the Annual Camp – Part 3

March 7, 2014

Praise the Lord for our 2014 Annual Camp — “Life Realized it”. The 3 days passed so quickly, all of us were touched by the presence of the Lord and Pastor Gavin shepherd heart for God’s people. We enjoyed every moment and learnt a lot through the teachings, Hope games and activities. We believe that this is the church that God has given us. All of us are in His Plan and we are chosen to be the kingly priesthood to influence the world with His love and grace.

To give a recap of the highlights, here are the wonderful testimonies by some of us. 

May all glory and how our be unto our Lord Jesus Christ.

Name : Anna D. Vendiola   Care Group : FF4A

Testimony :

My biggest weakness in my life is my walk with God, I lack confidence to do things for God. But as I learned in these teachings, I realized because God open my spiritual mind to understand that I need to depend on Him more. I need to depend more on Him and not on myself, it overwhelmed my heart that it is only God who can do great and mighty things for my life and not me and in the camp’s teaching God gave me more understanding and knowledge that our God is a great and loving God.

I really thank God, for His power and compassion towards me that despite my weaknesses He still love me and lead me, inspires me to continue to dwell in His presence, to put my trust and confidence in Him and through His grace He took away my fear.

Praise the Lord!


Name : Charity Barro   Care Group : FF5B

Testimony :

During this camp, I want to praise God for His Word that inspired me and gave impact in my life. I was blessed with His message that I am part of His story since the beginning that I accepted Him in my life. I was healed in my spirit and soul, that once I focus on Jesus Christ alone and obey Him in my life, I will be complete in Him, since He forgets all my sins. God cloth me with His Kingly authority to share His salvation plan, to bring people into His kingdom. I was so excited about this new ministry that God has given to me. All I need is to flow with His Holy Spirit so that Christ’s purpose in my life will prosper! I need to think big for the world. To depend more on God with humility. 


Name : Gemmalyn Ramos   Care Group : FF9B

Testimony :

I really felt so blessed and loved after I attended this annual camp. And because of this, I was challenged of doing good to others, sharing more of God’s love and inviting more people to come to know Him. God also reminded me that because He loves me so much and that He died for me for the forgiveness of my sins I should also love and forgive my enemy.

And because I was so touched by the teaching and by God’s Word I forgave one of my relatives to whom I was not in good terms. God stir my heart to love this person with all my heart. Praise the Lord.

And I really thank God that since He entered my life every desire that I have in my heart is slowly taking place. I wanted to be a dancer before and now I am a tambourine dancer. Glory to God. I thank the Lord for all these goodness that He has done in my life.

He is my everything, when I feel weak, He gives me strength, when I am sad He comforts me, when I feel hungry for His words he makes me full and satisfied.

Thank you Jesus!


Name : Jay Trajano   Care Group : FF3C

Testimony :

With so many teachings from the Church throughout the entire year, the camp will always be a cut above the rest because of one reason – there is a theme.

This year the theme is Life, Realize it! As always, I have much expectations going into the camp, especially since this is a continuing series of “Life…” that I never missed since it started.

An exact year had passed since I started a new job. It was after last year’s camp that I started working in a new company. A less stressful environment and more freedom in time allowed me to do a lot of things in my ministry the past year.  Whereas in previous years I always struggle to join in all Church’s activities, the past year it was fulfilling – full time in the 2 mission trips to the Philippines, full time in the Bible Conference, and again full time in this year’s camp.  Less stressful means that I am not bogged down by issues and problems relating to my work and can focus fully on the ministry, which I believe is just the beginning of what God is going add on into my life.

Just like the theme, I found God’s messages revealed to me bit by bit during the camp. From the first lesson, God’s Story in Mind – To be His Own, I was hooked immediately as it made me realized that despite so many years learning and reading God’s word, there are still some knowledge that was unknown to me. It was indeed a realization. 

Realizing that our life is a story that God had conceived since the beginning changes a lot of mindset I have in the past. No longer am I just playing a minor role in this world, but I am the stars of His story, that there is a role in every stage of our life, to be played out as I come to know Him more and understanding more His will. There is also the realization that nothing in the world can stop God’s will from fulfilling, not the rulers or great powers of this world, and certainly not those who spread or condone false teachings.

Another part of the teaching that inspires me a lot is about being Kings and Priests at the same time – to rule with kingly authorities but with priestly grace. Yes, indeed, as God’s chosen people we are to be the rulers, we are empowered by Him to rule, to lead people. I have always considered myself to be a capable leader but it never comes into mind that I should also have a priestly grace.  Yes, I have known for a long time that my role as a leader is to serve, but in this camp there are many facets of serving that I only started to realize; that serving can only be effective if we are totally dependent on God, and in doing so there will be genuine humility, and not boasting yes, I am serving, as if it was some noble thing that I want everyone to know.

I believe the teachings of this camp will bring forth great changes in my life. And the changes will not come in one single time, but gradually, as I get to know more of His will in my life. This is because I believe that just as in the Old Testament God did not make all His plans known to the people; God will also make His plan for my life known by me bit by bit, at the exact stages of my life when He knows I am ready.  Again, it was just like what God did in the past year of my life.

Therefore, serving Him will never be dull and redundant because there will always be new ministries to come, and along with these ministries will come challenges, and along with these challenges will come revelations, and along with revelations will come new fulfillment.


Name : Jenifer Manicar   Care Group : FF4

Testimony :

I have learned from annual camp about our intimacy to our Lord that leads us to have that authority from God

I was touched by Queen Esther’s life that it made me draw more to God as I walk daily with Him. It motivated me to serve God more so that through my life many people will come to know Christ. As I serve God more I will be a channel of God’s blessing to bless other people by sharing the love of God to them, because I know that my intimacy with God, my Heavenly Father, many people will be blessed. I have been changed with my outlook and perspective in life. I am not easily shaken by any trials because I know I have my Heavenly Father who takes care of me and love me.


Name : July Pareno   Care Group : FF4

Testimony :

I learned from the book of “Job” where Sin Increased Grace Increased all the more!

The verse inspired me from the book of Luke 4:18-20 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down.

Because of the Word of God that I have learned, and put it in my heart and mind I realized that without Jesus in my life I can do nothing. I realized how much He love me and how much he cares for me. And because of this realization, it gives me the solid heart to serve Him and walk with Him daily without compromise.


Name : Junia Oplas   Care Group : FF9A

Testimony :

I am really blessed that through this camp I learned about Jesus, more of Him and less of myself. I was more motivated to draw closer to Him in every circumstance in my life. During the Hope Sport, it was so exciting because through the games I learned that when we are not rushing in to decision and seek God, the outcome will be very good.

I was challenged to love and show more compassion to the sisters I am taking care of. One more thing I learned that when we start serving God we need to continue even though many trials will cross our way. We need God’s presence so that we can continue to move on serving Him. No hindrances will stop us to draw closer and serve God.


Name : Maria Virginia Madayag   Care Group : FF3B

Testimony :

I am sister Maria Virginia Madayag of SD1 FF3B. I want to thank God for giving me an opportunity to join the camp, because I learned a lot of things about His goodness to us. I realized a lot of things that I don’t know before. God amazes me in so many ways. When I was in the camp and listening to the preaching His Word teaches me to open my eyes to follow His light, I change my belief, like what God said if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. I am a new creation of God now. I want to thank God for paying for my sins and for that I will continue to walk with Him. After I heard His Word he touches my heart to be more humble and kind to other people and to love even my enemies. After the camp God shows me how much He loves me that some of my prayers to Him He answered, even some of my prayer still not granted now I know He will give it to me in His perfect time. I trust Him and I don’t need to worry because I lift up to God everything in my life already. There’s nothing impossible to God. Life is perfect if Jesus is in my life. Just have the faith to put all my trust to Jesus.

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