Medical Relief I

July 19, 2016

Praise God for another successful Medical Mission in Philippines!

We had over 6000 salvations and it had been an amazing experience for about 100 bros and sis who embarked on the trip. Everyone was rewarded with the friendship, warmth, smiles, simplicity of the people there.

As a body of Christ, we moved together in unity.

All the way from receptionist, local doctors, counselors, pharmacist, reading glasses tester, and even a preparation team whom got things ready were filled with desire to help. Everyone took up their position and started to serve the people fervently despite the heat.

During counseling, we witnessed the power of turning people to Jesus —- to Grace and Love that healed them spiritually, physically and emotionally. It was just simply believing, receiving and trusting the Lord. A five-year-old boy who stopped talking after recovering for illness when he is 3 years old opened his mouth to speak. Repetitively, the counselors asked him if he wants to be healed and he signaled with the nodding of his head. Ability to speak and joy was immediately restored to him. Praise God for the many miracles of faith witnessed by all during this Medical Relief.

During health talks, we shared with the students about the danger of alcoholism and how to handle stress in their studies and their life. Leading them away from the worldly solutions and turning them to Jesus. It was amazing to see how Love of Christ lit up the faces of the students and even some of the teachers who were there. Not to say our health talk speakers who were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. Without hesitation, the students responded to the calling of following Jesus. Amen!

It was also a great opportunity for our brothers and sisters to get to know each other more. Having meals together, sharing our experience, taking care of each other and also shopping together during our leisure time drawn us closer in a special way. And those bros and sis in Hong Kong kept sending messages to encourage and pray for the safely, the smooth operation of the Medical Relief. Pictures and sharing were streaming in the Facebook.

On the final day of the MR we had a Sunday service held in a function room. What a wonderful time we had in praise and worship the Lord, Pastor Gavin shared the Word of God encouraging us to draw near to Him. Hebrews 10:22 NKJV let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Throughout the whole service, we felt like as if we were in paradise being so close to Him. Praise God that two pre-believers volunteers from Hong Kong received Christ during the service.

To make this Medical Relief even more special, that very Sunday afternoon was also the wedding day of sis Gemma and bro Oliver. Pastor Gavin conducted the wedding ceremony with 50 over bros and sis witnessing along with their family and friends. Both of them joined the Medical Relief despite the preparation their big day and shared about their desire to grow in this wonderful family of God. Congratulations to them again!

What a celebration what a way to end our Medical Relief. The wedding was full of joy and all danced to the music to celebrate the love of our dear Jesus Christ.

Looking forward to our next adventure of Medical Relief in December 2016 !

It is so blessed to be in this big family of God!

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