Brother Four and family set off for church planting

January 7, 2007

On the evening of 7th January, right after HQP and dinner, Brother Allen, Sister Purple, Rosanna, Angela, Gemma and Brother Yong shared the areas that Brother Four and the family had blessed us. After that, they left for church planting with more than 40 brothers and sisters seeing them off at the airport.

During the sharing session, Brother Four shared an important lesson which he learnt from church throughout these years, is the word “”obedient””. We should be obedient to God and to our leaders.And God’s blessing will overflow into our lives. He shared further that if we learn to obey, even though we do not have the skill of the area,God will provide all the support at the right time. He also shared that his decision to leave for church planting was not easy because it meant giving up everything in Hong Kong and entering a foreign land that was totally new and so much different from Hong Kong.But that did not keep him and family from going there because they believe and have total faith that God will empower them, guide them and bless them in planting a church.

Towards the end of the sharing, Brother Allen requested him for the last time to lead us one song “”I love you Jesus””. He joyfully responded and led us to sing this song with actions.

When the time was getting close to their departure, it was not easy for us to farewell them. Yet we know that God is in control and we are sure that a new church will be established soon!

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