Easter Celebration

March 23, 2008

On Easter Sunday, over 440 of brothers, sisters and friends gathered at the HKCEC to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus who has given us the wonderful opportunity to obtain our Eternal Pass to heaven.

The service opened with a skit set in the Sahara Desert. A young explorer was looking for something more precious than the many treasures he has found in his life. During his voyage, he encountered difficulties and met unfriendly people. Eventually, he had to make a choice between taking a wider and broader road, and a narrow path which he did not know where it led. His companion chose the wider road and was captured by cannibals. However, he took the narrow path and finally found what he was looking for – the ‘Eternal Pass’ to heaven, which was also the invitation card for the service. On a side note, praise God also for our gifted designers who have designed the most beautiful set of publications!

Brother Allen then led us into a Spirit-filled session of powerful Praise and Worship. Afterwards, we saw a video where three brothers and sisters testified God’s wonderful work in their lives. Brother Kwok Hung shared with us how he has been changed by God since he decided to commit to Christ after experiencing God throughout his late mother’s battle with cancer. Sister Edith from SD3 testified God’s miraculous work in her life and her studies. She has changed from a typical teenager nowadays to a girl with direction and passion for God, who has blessed her with wonderful results for her faithfulness. Sister Precy from the Filipino group shared her moving testimony of how God has healed her from her nightmares and bitterness due to her childhood memories. Praise God that these three blessed brothers and sisters all wish to serve Him more and more. God will surely use them in his great plan!

Pastor Gavin’s preaching from John 11:25-26, titling “Eternal Pass”, reminded us of the meaning of Easter, and told us why we can only get the eternal pass to heaven from Jesus. As He told us in the Bible, He is the resurrection and the life. He is our hope in times of trouble and despair, and our way to a new life which death can never conquer. As Jesus has gracefully forgiven our sins and offered us this Eternal Pass which no earthly treasure can compare, how can we reject this wonderful gift?

Praise our Lord Jesus – ten new souls were touched and accepted this special gift from Him! Let us continue to trust in Jesus, serve Him together and never lose our eternal hope, so that we can pass it on to this world which truly needs it.

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