Blood Donation

April 11, 2008

Praise the Lord for giving us a willing heart of our brothers and sisters in being Salt and Light of our God in serving the community. 90 brothers and sisters gave support by coming to donate their blood, in which 72 of them gave a successful donation. The invaluable willingness and support of our brothers and sisters created a loving and caring atmosphere and is crucial in our mission for being Salt and Light for the community.

At 4pm, upon the arrival of the Red Cross, Hope Centre was creatively changed into a blood donation centre by 4:30pm. Volunteers who came to donate blood were welcomed by the Registration Bay. Upon completion of a medical history form together with a private medical screening, Hemoglobin Tests were conducted on all the volunteers. The most exciting moment was when the 72 successful volunteers did their actual donation of their blood. If the donor weighs less than 110 lbs in weight, they could donate 350ml of blood while others could donate up to 450ml. The Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service departed around midnight that day. The Red Cross staffs were pleased with our willingness and sacrificial spirit and highly anticipate for the next blood donation event.

We thank God that some of our blood donors brought along with their friends to join this meaningful function. By being Salt and Light for our God, we hope that we can show the love and care of God to the visitors and to touch their spirits.

Praise God for the willingness and sacrificial spirit of the donors and those who coordinated and assisted in this event. It is a blessing that we can serve the Lord and serve the community together. Let’s continue to take good care of our bodies and pray that more brothers and sisters will be willing to support by giving blood and love.

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