Water Baptism I

April 13, 2008

The Water Baptism signifies the dedication to follow the Lord as a faithful disciple. Moreover, the Water Baptism also symbolizes our death, burial and resurrection in Christ. Praise the Lord that 32 brothers and sisters took the step of faith forward to dedicate their lives for Jesus Christ through the Water Baptism held at the Repulse Bay.

Thank God for the beautiful weather that shines on the baptism ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Brother Jack and translated by Brother Jaytrajano. After giving thanks to the Lord, Brother Philip led the congregation to praise and worship our Lord. Many brothers, sisters and friends came to the Repulse Bay and witnessed this wonderful moment.

Pastor Gavin asked our new lives three questions. First, whether they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour; second, whether they have repented form their sins and third, whether they have decided to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives by regular praying, bible-reading, commitment and serving. After receiving the affirmative answers of our new lives, Pastor Gavin asked our new lives to share the important changes in their lives. Praise the Lord that they have experienced our God in their daily lives and are growing in their spiritual lives. The changes shared by them included the followings:learnt to forgive the others;experienced a strong peace in our God; experienced God’s incredible power in healing the body and heart;quitted the bad habits like heavy alcohol drinking;received the joy of God through improvements in their lives like accepting the others, loving their families more and feeling blessed.

After the sharing, Pastor Gavin prayed and presented the certificates to the new lives. Accompanied by their shepherds, they went into the water to be baptized by Pastor Gavin, Brother Yong and Brother Allen.

Everyone stayed until the end of the ceremony before making their way home after this special occasion.

Praise God for the new creations. May the Lord continue to equip each of us and lead all of us to continue to be His Salt and Light!

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