Hope Elite

October 25, 2009

Aimed to strengthen the relationship for the fit and bright elites in church, the Hope Elite 2009 was held on October 25, at the Noah’s Ark Adventure Land and with about 50 members joining.

Right after the Sunday Service, the event was kicked off with lunch fellowship at the Mama’s Kitchen. They then joyfully started their journey to Ma Wan Park Noah’s Ark. The jubilant shouts and happy laughter made the place come alive in the whole afternoon. Before the high adventure journey started, brothers and sisters were formed into 3 different groups. After the briefing, brothers and sisters were ready for their High Event Rope Course challenge. “We are ready to take the challenge! Will you support us?” the exhilarated climbers shouted before they started the challenge. “We are ready to support you!” answered the geared belayers. Cheering sound filled up the whole place as brothers and sisters stepped out to take the challenge. The persistence of the climbers as well as the panoramic view of the Tsing Ma Bridge was enough to elicit awe in any onlooker.

It was truly an amazing day for the elites. New friendships were forged and existing ones renewed in this afternoon. Just as belaying is a critical part of the climbing system, the support from brothers and sisters is vital for us to do God’s work. The elites left as one integrated and synergized group ready to stand by one another to advance the kingdom of God.

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