Water Baptism III

October 11, 2009

Praise God for the 14 brothers and sisters who stepped out their faith to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ through water baptism. There were more than 80 brothers, sisters, and friends gathered in Repulse Bay to witness and share this precious moment together. Even though it was raining, it did not diminish our excitement and joy.

The ceremony was led by Pastor Gavin, chaired by Brother Jack and translated by Brother Jay. After giving thanks to the Lord, Sister Josalyn from Philippo group led the congregation to sing praises to our Lord.

Pastor Gavin asked our new creations two questions. The first question was whether they had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior, and the second question wasif they would continue to walk with God in hardship or facing challenge in life. All the new lives firmly responded to God and the public that they would follow God wholeheartedly and stand firm in Him. Also, each of the new lives shared the blessings from God, which included: be strengthened on faith and confidence, be blessed with a good job, study and better time management, and also received the love & care among brothers and sisters etc…

After the wonderful sharing, Pastor Gavin presented the certificates to the 14 new lives; they all were accompanied by their shepherds and be baptized by Pastor Gavin, Brother Allen and Brother Michael.

All the brothers and sisters stayed until the end of the ceremony. May God continue to anoint and revive each of us to be a Salt & Light for Him. Amen!

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