Year-End Prayer Meeting and Countdown

December 31, 2009

Praise the Lord that more than 150 brothers and sisters gathered at the Hope Centre for the count-down prayer meeting on New Year’s Eve. The lead up was a powerful praise and worship led by Brother Ray, which brought forth an atmosphere of awe and reverence to our almighty God as the congregation prepared to enter 2010.

Afterwards Pastor Gavin initiated the prayer by breaking down the session into 3 parts V first was to remind us “What Jesus Is”; that He is our Shepherd; Provider; Wisdom; Father; Victory; Guidance; Complete; Able; and Authority.

For the second part, Pastor led prayers for two “centered values” that we should have V Christ-centered value and Church-centered value. Pastor prompted us that to be Christ-centered, we need to be Word centered and also to have a prayer and worship lifestyle? Meanwhile, to be Church-centered, the congregation prayed for the different areas essential for an effective ministry: Care & covenant relationship, commitment & unity, services & teamwork, discipleship & leadership, and evangelism & Church planting.

For the third part and at the final approach towards the New Year, Pastor led prayers for the “New” things we should ushered into our life V New Joy; New Heart; New Spirit; and New Wisdom.

After the powerful prayer sessions, an exciting and electrifying atmosphere filled the place as brothers and sisters sang praises to the Lord to bring in 2010? One by one the energetic youth praise & worship leaders led the congregation to non-stop singing and dancing as celebration of God’s love that brought us so many joy and blessing in 2009, which will definitely continue to carry on into 2010.

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