4th Youth Anniversary Celebration

January 16, 2010

Praise the Lord for the 4th birthday of the Hope Hong Kong Youth Service! At Tsuen Wan Hope Centre, before the service started, brothers and sisters worked together to build a picture of a huge tree with beans. It represented the hope of the Youth Group in sowing and nurturing the good seeds in God’s Kingdom.

After photo-taking and pre-service prayer meetings, the Youth Praise and Worship Team led us into a wonderful praise and worship session. Brother Sing shared the message with the congregation that a single seed of God can result in thousands of fruits. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to spread the Gospels to help expanding the Kingdom of God.

Sister Suki then shared her testimony. She was joyful to share with the fellow brothers and sisters the in-depth thoughts about her spiritual life. She was thankful that brothers and sisters were willing to take care of one another and to grow together for the Kingdom of God. She also shared with the congregation that she became more determined to stay with and serve the Lord. Thank God for the encouraging testimony.

After that, Sister Ivy gave the sermon of the anniversary service. Besides encouraging the brothers and sisters about the 4th Anniversary of the Hope Hong Kong Youth Service, she also encouraged us to think big and positive for God, and He will work with us via the Holy Spirit. In additional, she also encouraged us that as we kept following His way, He would bring actual changes. With the mindset ready, Sister Ivy challenged the brothers and sisters to take action and do their best in sowing God’s seeds and spreading the Gospels.

During the alter call, one visitor accepted Christ. Thank God for His wonderful work in bringing a new brother to His family! Have A Wonderful Happy Birthday!

As God is without limits, the fruits that we reap after sowing His seeds may be well beyond imagination. Let’s carry on work together to enlarge His Kingdom.

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