18th Church Anniversary Banquet

August 15, 2010

Praise the Lord for bringing us to the 18th Anniversary Celebration Banquet! In the start of the church’s 18th year of ministry, brothers, sisters and friends gathered at the banquet to celebrate with the theme “I’m 18!”

After the touching service at our church in Tsuen Wan, many brothers and sisters changed their attire to dress up and fit the formal dress code of this year’s banquet.

The banquet started with a warm-up game Brothers and sisters had to assemble a puzzle of an HKID card. The ID card also bore a “secret message” The love of God!

After the game, brothers and sisters from different sub-districts put on their performances for this special occasion. Filipino sisters from SD1 showed to the congregation another impressive dancing performance. Brothers and sisters from SD2 put on a “”magic show”” to demonstrate the amazing power of God in changing our lives and how we would be like after another 18 years. In the performance of the young brothers and sisters from SD3, they rearranged the words of some negative sentences so as to make them positive in order to show that we should remain positive. Thai brothers and sisters from SD4 put on a drama in Cantonese about the life-changing power of Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers and sisters from SD5 gave an A cappella performance and shared with the congregation their wish to expand the ministry into the Promised Land.

After that, the congregation sat down to watch the video recapping the activities and experience brothers and sisters have gone through in the previous year. It recalled the memory of many joyful moments. Thank God for bringing us another year of fruitfulness!

After the video session, the MCs led the congregation into another round of games. Every table got a chance to see and remember a picture and they would have to draw it from their memory. Brothers and sisters worked hard to write down the 9 spiritual fruits that were shown in the picture.

Towards the end of the banquet, the prizes for the best attire were awarded. Brothers and sisters all gathered and took pictures with one another before they left, and the banquet came to the end with laughter and joy. Thank God for the wonderful night!

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