Hope Couples

September 19, 2010

Hope Couple 2010, with the theme of “Deeper In Love”, was held successfully on September 19. Praise the Lord for a great time of fellowship among nearly 20 couples on the day.

Program officially started at club house of Chelsea Court right after a joyful lunch. Enlightened by exciting praise session, all couples were ready for the ice-breaking games. The first game is Three-legged Race. All couples were requested to walk towards other side of the room with three legs followed eating up a strip candy together. Second game named “Beautiful Life “–all wives with their eyes covered had to help their husbands to put on make-up under guidance from husband. Within ten minutes, all wives tried their very best to put on different colors onto husband’s face by using eye shadow, brush, lipstick…Atmosphere reached to the top when all couples had finished their “”masterpiece””. Everyone was overjoyed with their work and was excited to take photos to capture this wonderful moment.

Then it came the time of sharing, all couples were divided into 2 discussion groups according to their “years of marriage”. Different topics were discussed, including family relationship, financial planning, children education etc…All brothers and sisters were very willing to share their points of view and also learn from other couples.

Thank God for the Hope Couple’s Day. It provided a chance to strengthen relationship between couples as well as learning more of ways of applying Gods love. All couples enjoyed the day very much and surely they all will keep practicing “Deeper in Love”!

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