Water Baptism III

October 17, 2010

Praise God! 17 Oct 2010 marked a point of turning for the lives of 25 brothers and sisters. They were water baptised on this day!

After the Sunday service, the 25 brothers and sisters, together with their friends and families, brothers and sisters from the church, headed for Repulse Bay.

It was a mild sunny day. The sun was shinning behind just the right amount of clouds. This seemed to be a reflection of our Father’s warm embrace; never too harsh or strong, but just right.

Brother Jay and Jack started off by leading us in a joyful praise. Then Pastor reminded us once again the importance for Christians to be water baptised. The submergence into the sea symbolise the death of our sins with Jesus Christ. The rising up again from the water signifies our new creation in Christ Jesus.

Pastor asked all those who were to be water baptised three questions. First, if they had accepted Christ as their personal saviours. Second, if they were willing to continue their walk in Jesus with repentance. And last, if they were willing to continue their trust in Jesus despite challenges in lives. They responded with a firm and cheerful Yes. Pastor then prayed for each of them and distributed their certificates of baptism.

After that, the brothers and sisters were water baptised by Pastor and Brother Allen. The whole baptism was accompanied with cheerful praise and worship songs led by the Filipinos group. It was of overwhelming joy to see new souls being saved to the family of God. One sister even came all the way to Hong Kong from the Philippines to be baptised! Praise God!

The newly baptised brothers and sisters were then warmly greeted with flowers and gifts from their caregroups. Laughter, warmth, and most important, the love from God, filled the Repulse Bay on this wonderful day.

Many footprints and happy memories were left on the beach. Lets keep working together for the best of His kingdom and put even more footprints on the beach in the days to come!

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