Friend’s Day

November 14, 2010

Praise the Lord for the Friend’s Day !

A lot of friends joined our Sunday Service and we all treasured the friendship that blessed by our Lord.

At around 11am, after the pre-service prayers, Sister Rosa led to congregation into a powerful praise and worship session. The congregation was filled with joy and praise for the Lord.

After the congregation settled down to partake the Holy Communion, Brother Jackson from SD5 came onto the stage to share his testimony. He has a strong urge to spread the gospels to his family and friends. He thanked God for bringing his father in law and his daughters to accept Christ. He shared that he had got a vision to start a soccer ministry, God answered his prayer and he had started the ministry with the support of Brother Wai Hong. He wished to continue having growing faith and to share the gospels with more and more friends and family members.

After that, Pastor Gavin shared the sermon about how a real friend should be like. Pastor reminded the congregation that we should not treat our friends as disposable items. Instead, we should learn from the parable of the Good Samaritan. First of all, brothers and sisters should recognize the fact that from time to time, no matter how strong one person is, he/she will still have the need to have friends.

Secondly, we should learn from the bad examples of the priests, teachers of the law and the levies, and be ready to stretch out a helping hand for those who are in need. Thirdly, we should learn from the Good Samaritan and to help our friends when the need comes about.

Thanks to the Lord for his grace that 12 new friends have become a part of the church’s family after the service!

Right after the service, we went to Tai Lam Country Park for our Friend’s Day picnic!

This year, the church stressed the importance of environmental protection; therefore, we did our best not to use disposable utensils. After arriving at the Country Park, brothers, sisters and friends gathered to have lunch in the superb weather.

We took action to bless the members in other sub-districts by sharing some of the food. Some Sub-districts even sought to, in addition to food, other forms of encouragement like singing. The atmosphere was very warm.

After having the nice meal, it became the most exciting time of the day – games!

Members from each sub-district visited the booths of the others to play the games set up by the host sub-districts. Most of the games were testing the contestants’ unity as a small group in the playing of the games. Teams of brothers and sisters ran here and there in order to win more points in playing the games.

Finally, SD3 won and be the champion, while SD2 and SD5 were the first and second runners up. Congratulations! Although not each and every sub-district got award, the games were designed to provide joy and fun for the brothers, sisters and friends!

Last but not least, the congregation took a lot of photos with one another in order to memorize this truly thankful and joyful day. Thank God for giving us such a wonderful day of outing!

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