Worship Revival

October 1, 2010

Praise the Lord! On 1st October 2010, Hope Worship Revival 2010 took place at Hope Centre. This year’s theme is “Hands Up 敬畏神”. The Centre was jam packed with brothers and sisters from the Promised land and Macau, joining hand in hand to worship our Lord together with the local Cantonese, Filipino, Thai, and Youth groups.

The Chinese Praise & Worship team, led by Brother Allen, opened with the powerful praise “I Believe the Promise” and “耶和華行了大事 The Lord Has Done Great Things”. Sister Rosa further ignited the congregation with “滿有能力 I am Strengthen in Him”” and “Jesus, My Victory”. The praise climaxed with the song “”King””, singing: “”King above all kings, You deserve our everything”. As the congregation sang praises to God in spirit, we entered the worship session with “耶穌的名 Jesus, Your Name”, “Highest” and when we entered into “All the Heavens 讓天國歡呼”, the entire congregation was filled with the power of the Spirit. Everyone was brought to a high spirit.

Then the congregation was asked to sit on the floor to witness a powerful Mime Worship drama presented by the Filipino Group. Amidst a blacken hall, the performers used only their illuminated hands to “”act”” out the song “”Who am I?””, which illustrated God’s grace in responding to our calls of needs. He always shows His mercy in catching us when we are falling. After the performance, the stage slowly illuminated to usher-in Sister Lorraine on the keyboard. With the interpretation of the Mandarin worship song “十字架上的愛”, we proclaimed God’s love on the cross will never cease in our heart.

Afterwards Pastor Gavin led the altar call and released God’s powerful words from Isaiah 61 . Just as God had anointed the prophet Isaiah to “”preach the good news to the poor…, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…””. Pastor further reminded us that our spirit needed to be set free by our Lord Jesus Christ, to let Him release us from whatever sinful pasts that had been hindering us from getting close to our Father. It was a spirit-filled atmosphere that also led to 3 friends accepting Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

To further celebrate God’s victory, the Youth Praise & Worship Team took over the stage to close the event with energetic Praise songs. The young generation led the congregation to jump and dance in joy.

The Worship Revival was the prelude to our Bible Conference that would start the following day. Praise the Lord that through the powerful and touching songs, our hearts had been prepared to receive His Words that would teach us how to raise our hands up to surrender to Him.

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