Youth Camp

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! Thank God for bringing our brothers and sisters of the Youth Group to the 2010 Christmas Retreat Camp. The theme for this year is “BOOM!”, which signifies that brothers and sisters are to breakthrough ourselves in our spiritual lives by the lead of God, like how God has led the Israelites to occupy Jericho in the Book of Joshua.

In the evening of 24th December 2010, brothers and sisters gathered at the Lady MacLehose Holiday Village in Sai Kung. After praying to lift the camp to the hands of God, we started off with a mass game. Brothers and sisters were divided into groups and they competed with one another by passing messages within their team by different languages and postures. The game was meant to remind us of our positive and negative influence towards people. After the game, brothers and sisters gathered in groups to discuss about their positive influence to people, and recognized that we have to utilize our gifts to assert positive influence to the others.

As it was Christmas Eve, brothers and sisters then gathered for the carolling. We sang and celebrate the birth of the saviour Lord Jesus Christ! The night ended with a graceful atmosphere.

In the morning of Christmas, after their respective gatherings for quiet time, brothers and sisters gathered at the hall in the campsite to sing praises. The praise and worship team led the congregation into a joyful praise and worship session to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Then the brothers and sisters are divided into groups to play games. The games challenged us as to whether we possessed the necessary courage to face problems in our life, and to do God’s work faithfully. The game facilitater led the congregation to think about the topic of the way of seeking God fully. He then set up a wall and encouraged brothers and sisters to write their respective resistance into seeking God on it. Thereafter, we did what the Israelites did in 6 Joshua. We walked around the wall for 7 rounds, praying to God to help us overcome and breakthrough these issues in our lives. Then we broke the wall and discovered some pre-put dominos. Brothers and sisters then used the dominos to build the words of “God-Youth-Boom”, which signified that we could by the grace of God change the world! After that, the congregation invited the youngest brothers and sisters to push the dominos and to signify that the youth could change the world!

Thank God for the wonderful time in the Christmas Camp for this year!

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