Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

The atmosphere was full of love. A lovely photo corner was set up for children to take photos with mum and an instant photo with frame is immediately given to them.

The chairman, Tony started with a prayer followed by Brother Sing leading a lively and powerful praise and worship, bringing the congregation to dwell in the presence of God.

Sister Carmen of SD5 testified of how the Lord led and blessed her since she accepted Christ in 2005. She started to walk in the Lord then but felt quite dry for not following Jesus fully. She later went on a one year tour.

It is not the first time she went on tours but on the very first day of her trip, nothing was in order. She immediately received the message.She humbled and prayed for forgiveness, protection and guidance.God grace was sufficient and she was blessed in the trip.She also took the opportunity to thank her mum for all the love and effort in bringing her up after her father passed away when she was in secondary school  She said that she loved her mother and wished her Happy Mother’s Day.

Following that was the performance of a group of brothers. They sang a popular song and dedicated to all mothers. The song expressed the unconditional love of mothers. It was very touching. Sister Pui Ki was good in the role of being the narrator.And the brothers were very good also to show their respect and love towards all the mothers.

Then all mothers were invited to go on stage to accept the presentation of Carnations by the Children Church kids.  It was a very sweet scene.  A cake was also prepared to complete the event with a real taste of sweetness.  The smiling faces were sweet and encouraging.

Sister Purple preached with the starting of a statement by Napoleon: “The fate of a child is always the work of his mother”.

The preaching was entitled “The impact of mothers”, from the scripture 2 Tim 1:5.  It reflects the impact of a mother on a child.  How Lois the grandmother of Timothy brought Eunice, the mother of Timothy up with God’s principles and how Eunice did the same.  The results was prominent in Timothy’s life  The important points she brought up was to instill a respect for the scripture from infancy through life example; to instill an authentic faith by having reverent fear for the Lord, which cannot be interdicted but can be inspired.  She reminded mothers that out of every aspects of building children up, never neglect building their foundation of faith in the Lord.  In fact, priority should be given.  Finally, instill a desire to minister for the Lord.  Everyone who ministers, learns, grows and benefits in every way.  There is no harm being a professional but, serving the Lord must be an important part of their lives, like Pastor Gavin.  God’s plan for men is to serve HIS Kingdom.  HE has given us many things, including our children, family, finance, job and put us a steward for them.  We ought to learn to be good stewards to glorify HIS name.

After the service, mother’s were invited to have a serving of cake and for those who have not taken photos to proceed to the photo-taking section.  Different units had different arrangements to have lunch fellowship together.

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