Year-End Prayer Meeting and Countdown

December 31, 2011

It was the final hours of 2011, a time for thanksgiving, for us to reflect and count our blessings. It was nothing better than the gathering of all generations, from toddlers to old folks, of the family of God at Hope Center, who blasted into joyous, high-spirited Praise and Worship.

Ps. Gavin prayed for the congregation for not only physical healing but also for soul and mind that all bitterness, unforgiveness and so on be fully committed to the Lord in confession. He then encouraged us that all had passed and we should walk into 2012 light-weight, gearing ourselves for a more fruitful life, in a relationship closely knitted to the Lord.

Ps. Gavin recalled our memory “We are the reason”, God came for us and our purpose of life should be clear. He recapped with us on the 7 years harvest that, since 2008 a total of 7,685 souls have been saved into the Kingdom of God altogether in Hong Kong, the promised land and the Philippines. It was very encouraging on how God has, since 2008 when we shifted into Tsuen Wan, been faithful in blessing us tremendously with our ministry for HIS Kingdom and in our personal life. He shared that through the challenges we encountered, God not only built us, HE carried us victoriously through.

He also shared with us that in 2012, all of us should be determined to put into practice of walk on God’s grace, in faith and with humility in our daily lives. All of us should aim to glorify God in every aspect of our lives.

Everybody was very excited as we sang Praises while waiting to count down in welcome of 2012. Right at that note, the family of God wished each other, shook hands, hugged in love and danced merrily through. All of us felt greatly privileged to be the child of God with HIS granted authority.

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