Medical Relief II

December 3, 2013

It was the time to witness His goodness again!
More than 100 brothers and sisters volunteered and went to Philippines to harvest souls for The Lord.

It is fourth year into the Medical Relief.
Ever since God opened up the doors of school last December, our venues had changed to be held in school compound. Including this time, we have been to about 7 schools and care groups had started in some of them.

On the first day we already have more than 1000 salvations. This time, we can see that the students are the ones that God has directed us to. Classes and classes of students accepted Christ as their Saviour. The students were friendly, full of energy and joyful. Many of them expressed their gratitude to our team and extended their friendship.

The weather was wonderful throughout the Medical Relief, cool breeze and large clouds hid the sun. In addition to local doctors, we also had a Ukraine optician.Brothers and sisters served in unity in caring and counselling the patients and giving the health talks. Praise God our team is growing in quality and quantity.

From the sharing of brothers and sisters, it is clear that it was not how perfect we served but it was the heart and the willingness to obey that matters. God is faithful and we continued to witness His healing and signs and wonders.
One of the healing was upon a 12 year old girl who suffered from frequent fever and back pain. After she received Christ and declared that she believed that God is a great healer, the sister who prayed with her checked her back found the protruding bone on her spine. It was actually straighten and all pain was gone after prayers. Amen!
And at the end,about 4000 in total were treated.

We had our Water Baptism before the Sunday Service. A total of 13 brothers and sisters took up the step of faith to be baptised. It is great to see the joy and conviction in them.

After that we went to a basketball court for our Sunday Service. There was a sense of closeness and familiarity as we were greeted with people living in the area; the hawkers, the children were playing around.
Relationships were established because of God love, some patients returned to Sunday Service with thankful notes. They experienced God’s love that was flowing through our lives and we believe that these lives that God had touched will become blessing to others.

It was a spirit filled Sunday service , our praise and worship filled the air. God’s presence was greatly sensed. We saw our local brothers and sisters serving and growing in the Lord and praise God that we had our first baby dedication in Philippines!

Pastor Gavin then preached the Word of God, encouraging all to look upon Jesus and to build a close relationship with Him. People responded and dedicated their lives to God, they were thirsting for God’s presence and love.

Thank God again for the Medical Relief !
It is a great harvest of more than 8000 souls to accept Christ !
Not only the harvests in Philippines, God is also working in the lives of brother and sister who went. They experienced the touch of God themselves, being trained up,and bringing God love and signs and wonders back to Hong Kong and to the people around them.

God has the best plans for us and He is Love !
Let’s keep moving on evangelising and building up His people,
keep going for mission,
and have the greater and greater harvest !

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