Hope Elite

May 15, 2016

Right after Sunday Service our Elites gathered to kick off the event.Hope Mobility was the theme and 60 participants with our dear Pastor Gavin joining. Before setting off, the Project Team announced the outline of the day.Everyone listened intently and the ice breaking game led us into knowing each other more.

Then our Elites moved on to Noah’s Ark. With the group photo taken, we were led into the obstacle course where we were brief about the safety procedure. Each team was assigned to a coach and an obstacle. The Elites started and had fun, overcoming and challenging themselves to the heights and even went on to try other rope obstacles. It was great to see our Elites balancing themselves, at such heights, encouraging each other and posing for photos.

After all the action it was time for us to rest and also have some snacks. Janice and Charles invited our Elites to share their experiences. Sis Lorraine shared that it was really experiencing God when she was up there. The rope that she held on to was like Jesus, giving her the very support that she needed. Others also shared about how the support from those in the ground meant to much of them.

Pastor Gavin told us about how he overcame fear as he was afraid of heights. It was the peace of God in His heart that was helping him. In addition to the rope as Jesus, Pastor mentioned that support from brothers and sisters were also important, just like in the church where we built each other.

In the Q & A session. From the question of managing time Pastor Gavin shared about how he started the church when he was younger. He faced a lot of problems in language, and he was trained to be courageous in speaking Cantonese. He was really sure about why he came to HK. It was to build up a church. The understanding was clear and even if his fellow colleagues promoted quickly, Pastor didn’t just follow the flow but insisted in giving priority to the church. This gives him fulfilment. God provides everything and more then enough so that he can bless others. When you know your goal, you know where your rope leads you to.

In the bible, Paul says imitate me as I imitate God. We live our live together so we can grow together. Pastor encouraged all to catch the vision together just following the church, going to the MR together and experiencing God as a body of Christ

With this encouraging and loving words we end yet another successful Hope elite. What a fruitful day for all the Elites! And let’s continue to be mobilised by His love!

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