Hope Elite

May 7, 2017

This year our Elites ventured to Tai Lam park for orienteering. They were divided in groups and given maps of their checkpoints. Our instructors gave explicit instructions of the dos and donts.

Praise God for the beautiful weather and the team spirit that the groups displayed throughout the event. Everyone was enjoying and giving their best to complete the tasks.

After an hour and half of hard work, all of us successfully made our way back to the church. Everyone was tired and was glad to enjoy the air con. When the sharing session started, smiles came back to our faces again. Some brothers and sisters shared their special experiences and brought on some laughter and applause.

Pastor Gavin shared that he had a good time with brother and sisters during the orienteering. It was his first time doing it but he completed it with the help of others. He encouraged everyone to see ourselves as a part of this family and that we were all valuable. We are indeed the Elite children of God, living out an overcoming life being a positive influence. The whole event ended with the prize presentation and sharing our sumptuous dinner together.

See you all again next year !

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