Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

On this special day, mothers were invited and the church was full of joyful greetings.

Before the Sunday Service began, many happy families took pictures with some funny props at the beautiful arch prepared by the Decoration Team.

Sister Yu and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation to dwell in a very peaceful and gentle worship where brothers and sisters experienced the presence and touch of our Lord Jesus.

Can you imagine an 80-year-old mother flew all the way to the Philippines to serve the needy? Sister Monica shared a very encouraging testimony about how she served God in the Medical Relief (MR) with her mother, who is already 80 years old. She thanked God for His protection and grace upon her mother during the whole mission trip. Her mother served with enthusiasm and even told Monica that she would like to come again. Praise God!

After the testimony, Sister Lydia, Sister Natalie and Brother Bear performed a very inspiring and touching skit to show the unconditional love of a mother and how important it is to take care of one another’s feelings and be considerate. After that, all mothers were invited to the stage and Pastor Gavin led us to pray for them.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scripture Hebrews 11:6. The title of the sermon is “Faith in the Rewarding God”. God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And we should respond naturally by trusting and serving Him. The love of mothers motivates them to give unconditionally to the family and their children; the love of God motivates all of us to share the Gospel. Let us continue to respond to God’s love by sharing His love and the Good News to the world!

Praise God that a mother accepted Christ as her savior on this special day. After the Service, brothers, sisters and their families enjoyed sweet cakes and more photo-taking.

Thank God for the wonderful day!

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