Year-End Prayer Meeting & Countdown 2019

December 31, 2019

Praise God, 2019 came to an end.

We enjoyed snacks and drinks and shared freely half an hour before the Year-end Prayer Meeting started. The fellowship was warm and joyful.

Then brother Fei led the congregation into high spirit of Praise. Pastor Arlene spoke words of blessings, Pastor Gavin thanked God for His grace through 2019, and the gathering started with a joyful spirit.

Pastor Gavin gave thanks for God’s leading and blessings over the past 30 years, from God’s calling to follow Jesus and took part in planting church till today.  He shared on how God led Him into His plan in the preparation of the themes of church camps and the restructuring of Hope One Team, step by step, which actually prepared all of our church for what happened in Hong Kong in the later part of the year.  He thanked God for the over 160 who went for Medical Relief in July.  He then prayed and committed 2020, proclaimed God’s leading of our church, reigned in Hong Kong and healing upon all kinds of hurts.

Pastor Gavin recapped on the change in 2019 in church’s overall ministries structure. Different ministries, such as : MLT (Ministry Lead Team), Hope Kidz, P&W (Praise and Worship) and D&D (Design and Decoration). They all gave thanks and prayed for further development and took opportunity to recruit.

Pastor Gavin also shared the feedback from all Groups and updated on mission coverage.

Sister Daryhll updated on Philippines mission. It now has 7 centers and 11 care groups in different parts of the Philippines. She also testified how God called her to serve which gave her the strength despite her back pain. It is now completely healed. Further to that, she also testified how God protected brother’s and sister’s home and families from typhoons and earthquakes. She ended her part with a prayer for mission field.

Brother Human also shared his thanksgiving.

Then Pastor Gavin shared that there were a total of 14,368 accepting Christ in Hong Kong and all mission fields in 2019.

After having communion and giving our thanksgiving offering, Pastor Gavin shared on the way we should prepare for 2020, and encouraged us to memorize Psalm 96.  It is all about the Lord and we should all keep our focus on Him.

He closed with a prayer then passed on to Praise and Worship team to lead us into the heights of countdown, and enter the New Year of 2020 !

Praise the Lord ! At the strike of midnight, everyone wished each other with love handshakes and hugs. The event ended with laughter and joy.

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