Lunar New Year Celebration 2020

January 26, 2020

Although it was much colder and Wuhan Corona virus was being a threat, we trusted God, kept praying, took necessary precautions and came together to seek God in unity.

Sister Rosanna gave a warm welcome and sister Rosa started to lead the congregation to praise and worship our Lord.

Then Sister Comy of Goodness group testified how God changed her mentality and led her through difficult moments since 2015. Something disturbing happened in her family which even disturbed her at work.  She almost lost her faith in Christ but God led her back to church.  Her shepherd, brothers and sisters and Christian colleagues prayed together with her through the hard times.  She had another position in the company in mind, which did not come through.  Looking back, she thanked God it did not come through as she would not have been able to handle and would be overstressed.  She thanked God for the peace He gave her and for leading her.

Pastor Arlene preached on John 10:10b, “Jesus is the only way that leads to abundant life”.

There were two points:
1. Jesus came to give abundant life and
2. Abundant life in Christ.

Abundant life is not limited to time and space, it starts from the moment we accept Christ to eternity and only He can lead us into peace and joy.

There was a special arrangement of snack and blessings for all to ‘start the year’ as it is the Chinese tradition for families to start the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year.

While we enjoyed the simple snacks, we fellowshipped and blessed each other.

May God’s blessing be upon all of us in all aspects.

Happy Lunar New Year !

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