Mother’s Day 2020

May 10,  2020

Happy Mother’s Day !

On this special day, we watched the live broadcast of Sunday Service with our mothers at home. Before the Sunday Service began, family pictures of our brothers and sisters were shown.

Brother Chi Ho and the Praise and Worship Team led us to dwell in a very powerful and touching worship where brothers and sisters experienced the love of our Lord Jesus.

Sister Yammy from Faithful Group shared about how God helped her overcome her frustration and difficulty from taking care of her newborn baby. She was happy and grateful after she gave birth to her son on 31 December last year. However, one week later, her emotions started to fluctuate. She was tired and always wanted to rest, so her mother scolded that she was not a good mother and blamed her as the cause of the baby having skin allergy and constipation. Yammy was frustrated and asked God to teach her how to be a good mother. After the prayer, thank God her parents became not so harsh to her. The Holy Spirit also reminded her to recall how God treated her since she believed in Christ. She realized God has been with her all the time, giving her hope, forgiving her sins and providing with all her needs. Then she knew how to love her son and support her mother who has not believed God yet. Finally, her attitude has changed and she can take care of her son without feeling burdened.

After that, there was a video presentation from Hope kids. The lovely children expressed their love and gratefulness towards their mothers. During the preaching, some pre-recorded videos in which adult brothers and sisters recorded messages to their mothers were also shown. All of them were heartwarming messages.

Pastor Arlene preached on the Scripture Genesis 2:18. The title of the sermon is “Mothers, His beloved powerful helpers”. God created Eve as a helper to help Adam. Whatever God does, He does it for our good. What we need to do is to ask God what His plans for us are. Moreover, the word “helper” is equivalent to “warrior”, which means that mothers are brave and powerful warriors who can bring out the power of God in their children. In the Bible, there are godly mothers like Moses’s mother and Samuel’s mother, Hannah, who honoured God and helped to fulfil God’s plan in their children’s lives. A prayerful mother who has God’s love can exert powerful influence on their children. Thank God for our wonderful mothers !

Praise the Lord !

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