Blood Donation 2020

May 24, 2020

Thank God for the Blood Donation Day  !

Despite the Covid 19 epedemic,  we had a good number of 61 people successfully donated their blood. Not only so, about 90% of people are healthy enough to give their blood.

Annually, we work with Red Cross to provide venue and promote Blood Donation to bros and sis, we would like to play a part in bringing this message to a wider community. This is especially important as the need and demand for blood is always or evermore needed.

Seeing our bros and sis coming in with friends and waiting patiently for their turn was a big encouragement to the Red Cross team. They carefully made sure that all donors were safe and understood all procedures.

Our donors were all in smiles, believing that they will be regular donors for the Red Cross and will carry this message to people around them.

Give blood !

Save lives !

Glorify God !

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