Yearend Thanksgiving Celebration 2020

December 31, 2020

2020 was a very special year.

It was a year in which we did not meet much physically due to COVID-19.

However, our God is never limited by our circumstances.

On the last day of the year, we met together online as a church for our first ever year-end thanksgiving celebration to count blessings together.

The celebration kicked off with a series of video clips from brothers and sisters sharing things that they are grateful for in 2020. It was heartwarming to see so many familiar faces and hear what God has done in each of their lives.  Even without meeting physically, we continued to grow together as a church and we all experienced God’s blessings and provisions.  Pastor Gavin then reminded us that our God is the same through all storms.  As we can see in the lives of our brothers and sisters, we just have to continue to hold on to the joy, peace and hope in Him.

We then worshipped God together in a joyful session of praise and worship. Even though we cannot see each other, we enjoyed worshipping together and interacting with one another on the live chat.

Afterwards, we saw video testimonies from different brothers and sisters.  Mrs. Lie from Joyful Group shared how God blessed her and her family with good health and joy despite her physical disability.  Sister Norma from Love Group shared how her family drew closer together during the pandemic with technology.  Brother Sam from Joyful Group shared how God amazingly opened a new way for his family in their financial difficulties.  Sister Nesly from Love Group shared about the challenges she faced in ministry and how God led her through. Even though she lost loved ones back home during the pandemic, God miraculously healed her cousin from a brain tumour and reconciled broken relationships between her family members.  Praise the Lord for He turns mourning into dancing !

Pastor Gavin also shared about himself.  Even though there were a lot of challenges during the year, God reminded him to focus on Him and remember how He has led him throughout his life journey with the Lord.  No matter what our circumstances are, we can delight in the Lord and find peace in Him.  In 2020, although everything seemed to have paused, God directed our church to continue to move forward together, serving as One Team and building up leaders.  Let us not lose sight of God – He will continue to keep us safe and give us strength and hope as we move forward together with Him.

After partaking communion together, we saw videos prepared by GLT members expressing their thanks to DMM members for everything they have done in serving their Groups during the year.  Brothers and sisters then expressed their appreciation to our Pastors for leading and guiding us throughout.  We also reviewed memorable moments from our online services, ministries and activities throughout the year.  Despite the distance, we all experienced these precious moments together.  Praise God for technology !

Before the countdown, we prayed together and Pastor Gavin shared about our church direction for the year 2021.  In the coming year, may each of us continue to be like sheep and keep surrendering ourselves to God.  As a church, we need to continue to be knitted together and move forward with Christ as our head.  When we keep listening to God and let God speak to us, we can work together with Him.  May the Holy Spirit empower us to continue to spread the gospel in 2021 !

When it was almost time for the countdown, everyone joined together in our online video chat room.  Everyone was happy to see and chat with each other and we welcomed 2021 together as a family.  We all said “happy new year” to each other, waving at our phones with big smiles on our faces.  Praise the Lord for the precious moment.

Happy new year !   Let us continue to surrender our lives to God and look forward to how God will lead us this coming year !

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