Christmas Celebration 2020  

December 20, 2020

Merry Christmas!

The theme of this year’s Christmas Celebration is “He is Great”. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the celebration was broadcast live on the internet. Pastor Gavin started the celebration with prayers for the world to have the true joy from God and for healing upon the families and friends of brothers and sisters. After showing the “Opening” of a slide show about the mighty work of Jesus, sister Rosa led us to dwell in a powerful praise and worship.

After that, a video testimony was shown. Sisters Rosanna and Freda shared about God’s goodness and mighty work in their lives together. Sister Freda mentioned that she was afraid of serving God because she didn’t have the confidence to speak. However, when her shepherd encouraged her to teach WFL lessons, she accepted the challenge and began to experience God’s leading and anointing when she put her trust in God. Then sister Rosanna testified that she also felt a lack of confidence and ability to serve when she first became a Christian. Then God had called her to serve in different ministries. Last year, Pastor Gavin encouraged her to be the MC for Sunday Service. She was a bit afraid but she was willing to take up this challenge. She thought it was already the biggest challenge for her as she wasn’t used to serving on stage. However, in 2020, Pastor Gavin encouraged all Group Leaders to try preaching on Sunday Service. After praying for God’s leading, sister Rosanna realized that it was a chance for spiritual growth and she was greatly blessed while preparing for the preaching and experienced great peace from God when she preached. They also shared about how God blessed their family. Freda’s eldest sister experienced God’s complete healing after falling from a tree while Rosanna’s unbelieving mother has started to learn more about God through watching online services and felt less reluctant to being prayed for. Thank God for His mighty work in their lives.

This year’s special presentation was about people’s constantly crying out for help because of their stressful lives. However, we can seek help from our Almighty God. His promise to love us never changes in spite of the many problems and uncertainties. Thank God for His love !

Then Pastor Gavin preached on Luke 1:32-33, the Scriptures were good to illustrate the theme “He Is Great”. God created heaven and earth, and man according to His image. Therefore, we can reflect God’s holiness. God also gives us the free will to choose to follow Him and love others. People may think if we do not have free will, then we will not sin and there will not be so many problems in the world. However, God gives us the free will because He loves us so much. There is no true love without giving.

Thank God for His love. Let us learn from God to love others with true love which involves giving !

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