“Caring the Community, Sharing God’s Love”

Dec 11, 2021

Praise God ! This was our 4th Caring the community event, and we had witnessed a total of 53 salvations. About 35 bros, sis and friends took part in giving out the blessing bags and sharing the gospel with the residents in Kwai Chung estate. 300 hundred bags of masks, biscuits, teddy bear towels, toothpaste, alcohol wipes, instant warm bags, and plasters to relief pain were packed to be distributed.

Though this was the second time that we were going to this estate, we could feel that their hearts were more opened to the gospel, and they even informed friends and relatives to come to look for us.

In no time, some of us were surrounded by elderlies. There were some who thanked us and left but there were also some who stayed to talk to us. Many brothers and sis enjoyed the time of sharing.

We believe that the seed of the gospel has been planted in the hearts of the people who came to receive the blessing and we believe greater blessing will be coming. In the coming year we look forward to continuing this event.

May God continue to lead us and bring us to different harvest grounds.

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